C.O.P. "Ever alone" KNO029

Camera Silens - Camera Silens LP (1.Press, lim. 500, black - Screenprinted Folder / Euthanasie)

Campfire Killers, the / Speed Devils - Only Hell Has A Country Song Split 7"EP (Zorch Productions)

Cani - Tutto quello che io chiedo LP (SOA Records)

Caroloregians, The - Fat Is Back LP (Grover Records)

Cause for Alarm - Birth After Birth 2EP`s (Victory)

Chaos U.K ‎– The Chipping Sodbury Bonfire Tapes (Radiation Records)

Chapter 21 - Ashes 7"EP (DSS Records)

Charge - Caged & Staged live in Germany LP (Trikont)

Cheeks, the ‎– Have Some Real Fun And Sure 'Nuff Action With The C-14 Hit Machine Gun LP (Screaming Apple)

Chibuku "time of the devil" DIY

Circle One - Survive LP (Lost & Found Records)

Cliff Richard - Greatest Hits LP (Art Recordss)

Clockwork Crew, the ‎– Where's The War?! 7"EP (Bandworm Records)

Cock Sparrer - Did you have a nice without me? 7"EP (Dirty Punk Records)

Cock Sparrer - Run Away 10inch (Bitz Core)

Cock Sparrer / Oppressed, the - Out On The Streets Again 7"EP (Chelseagirl Music)

Cockney Rejects ‎– Greatest Hits Vol. 1 LP (1.Press EMI ZONO 101, OC 062 - 07225)

Cockney Rejects - Greatest Hits Vol. 3 LP (EMI)

Cockney Rejects ‎– Greatest Hits Vol. II LP (1.Press / EMI ZONO 102, OC 062 07 377)