Cock Sparrer / Oppressed, the - Out On The Streets Again 7"EP (Chelseagirl Music)

Evil Conduct / Old Firm Casuals - Oi! Rules .. OK! 7"EP (lim. 250, burgundy / Randale Records)

Klasse Kriminale / Old Firm Casuals - Stesso Sangue 7"EP (black / Randale Records)

Les Orties - Les Orties 7"EP (Solitude Urbaine)

Oi Polloi - Resist The Atomic Menace 7"EP (black, Campary Records)

Oizone - An Indifferent Beat LP (Damaged Goods)

On File - Ejected from the premises Pic-LP (Step 1)

One Common Voice - Freedom Not Fascism 7"EP (East Bay Menace Records)

One Way System - Writing On The Wall LP (Aggressive Rock Produktionen)

OPPRESSED, The - OI OI MUSIC LP (lim. 300, red)

Oppressed, the - We Can Do Anything LP (Repress, red / Step-1)

V/A - Urban Sodiers - A Tribute To The Oppressed 7"EP (DSS Records / Longshot Music)