Clockwork Anthems Vol.2 - Jack the Lad / Les Partisans LP (Mad Butcher Records)

Padded Cell, the - s/t LP (Radio Blast Recordings)

Paxton Boys - Skinhead Rock`n`Roll 7"EP (Punkcore)

Penny Cocks - C`Mon Gipsy 7"EP (Contra / Longshot Records)

Perkele - A Way Out LP (1st press, black / Spirit of the Streets)

Pervz, the / Ratchets, the - Split 7"EP (black red gold / Pirates Press)

Pinkerton Thugs, the - Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Shit 7"EP (Police Records)

Plungers, the - Let`s Get Twisted LP (lim. red / Intensive Scare Records)

Pöbel & Gesocks - Live 2LPs (Randale Records)

Posers, The - Kill The Ravers EP Blind Beggar Records

Posers, the - Kill The Ravers! 7"EP (black, Blind Beggar Records)

Pressure Point / Randumbs, the - Cow Town Boot Boys 7"EP (Flat Records)

Products, the - ...Just Having A Laugh 7"EP (DSS Records)

Propagandhi - How To Clean A Couple Of Things 7"EP (1.Press black with Insert / Fat Wreck Chords)

Reazione / Peter & The Test Tube Babies - Very Disaster Split-LP (lim. 300, Anfibio Records)