Armed Suspects, the / Skels, the - Split 7"EP (Yellow Red Splatter / Pirates Press)

Coffein Bomb / Soul Boys - Thrilling new Hamburg Bash! Split 7"EP

S.A.N.E. "In" Big Store

Saccharine Trust - Past Lives 2xLPs (SST Records)

Scum Rats - Live at the Bib Rumble Pic.LP (Rumble Records)

Secret Affair - Behind Closed Doors LP ( Arista 202 862)

Section 5 - Rejected LP (black, lim. 300 / Step-1 Records)

Section 5 - Ten Years 7"EP (S.P.E. Records / Lion Records)

Sentimentals, the - Same Do 7"EPs (Headline Records)

Sexmachines - Whatever It Takes! 7"EP (Knock Outs Records)

Sexual Suicide - Old School Rules! 7"EP (grey, lim. 46 / United Riot Records)

Sham 69 - Live At the Roxy Club LP (Receiver Records)

Sham 69 - Shams Last Stand LP (Link Records)

Sham 69 - The Game LP (Polydor 5033 UK 1980)

Sham 69 - Volunteer LP (Legacy Records)

Sheer Terror - Standing Up For Falling Down GF -LP (beige with blue Splatter, lim. 250 / Randale Records)

Short N Curlies - Bitter N Twisted - PicLP (Knoch Out Records)

Sifter - Seasoned to Taste EP (New Lifeshark Records)

Siouxsie And The Banshees - A Kiss In The Dreamhouse LP (Polydor)

Skarhead - Drugs, Music & Sex LP (Reality Records, dark green)