Slas - S/T EP Ecocentric Records

Slobs, The - Another Piece of Junk 7EP (Testpressung / Junk Records)

Social Combat - First Strike LP (Camden Town Zine)

Social Distortion - Live At The Roxy 2LPs (Time Bomb Recordings / 70930-43516-1)

Social Distortion - More Girls More Cars And More Even Louder Guitiars LP

Sonic Dolls - Loveltters From Tour 7"EP (Radio Blast Recordings)

Stage Bottles - Take That! 7"EP (black, Knock Out Records)

Stallions, the - Hey Babiy, it`s LP (Junk Rec.) Purple Vinyl

Steam Pig, The - Motorhead At 5am EP

Straight Edge Kegger ‎– Armed Robbery EP (Sounds of Betrayal)

Straw Dogs - We Are Not Amused LP (Enigma Records)

Strike, the / Dillinger Four - The Rebel`s Choice 7"EP (THD Records)

Subversives - Right To Riot 7"EP (Vulture Rock)

Suckerspeed - End of Depression LP (We Bite Records)

Supersuckers - Devil`s Food LP (Cargo Records 2005)

Superyob - How Does it Feel EP (Screwed Up)

Truents, the / Suburban Crisis7"EP (Guillotine Records)