Die Toten Hosen - Opel Gang LP (2nd Press, Totenkopf TOT 668 1983)

Discocks, the / Tom And Boot Boys - Hated And Proud Split-EP (Knock Outs Records, black)

Electric Hellclub, the / Turbo A.C.'s, the ‎– The Electric Hellclub / The Turbo A.C.'s - Split-7"EP (Knock Out Records)

Glory Stomper / Termplars, the - Split 12"LP (Knock Outs)

Klasse Kriminale / Time Bomb 77 - Clockwork Anthems Vol.1 Split-LP (Knock Outs)

Terror Depression "Trink Zehn" DIY

Th` INBRED - Kissin` Cousins LP (Konkurrel Records)

Those Unknown ‎– Oi!, Keep On Goin' Strong EP (Headache Records / blue Vinyl)

Throwaway Generation / Zillionaires, the - Amerikan Ya Say Fake 7"EP (Unity Squad Records)

Tin Soldiers - Back To The Roots (rosa lila gesprenkeltes Vinyl / Scumfuck)

Travis Cut - Serial Incompetence (Damaged Goods)

Trink Zehn - Terror Depression LP (Self Released)

Truents, the / Suburban Crisis7"EP (Guillotine Records)

TV Smith And Punk Lurex O.K. - The Future Used To Be Better 7"EP (lim. orange / Teenage Rebel Records)