Neuheiten / New in Stock


Terminus City ‎– Justice Isn't Always Fair LP (black / TKO Records)

Never Surrender / Face The Enemy ‎– Split Release LP (Defiance Records)

Cheeks, the ‎– Have Some Real Fun And Sure 'Nuff Action With The C-14 Hit Machine Gun LP (Screaming Apple)

Red Rockers ‎– Good As Gold LP (CBS 25388)

Kill Allen - Wrench My Bitch Is A Junky LP (lim. 500, black / Wanker Records)

V/A - Stumf is Trumpff und Oi! ist Gold LP (Teenage Rebel Records)

Gob Cookies - Great White World LP (Oi! Hammer Records)

Bierpöbel - Rebellenlieder 7"EP (lim. red / Scumfuck Records)

Em-Oi!-Kahl ‎– 350 Jahre Sind Genug! 7"EP (, lim. red / Scumfuck Records)

Rüpelz - Rüpelz 7"EP (Running Riot Records)

Lionheart - Live At Summer Breeze LP

Gepflastert mit Gold - Hörbuch CD + Buch (von Thorsten Dietze / lim. 50)

Hoi Polloi - Kid Octane 7"EP (KGB Records)

Straßenkötarblond Buch - Teil 2 (von Fritz Strube)

Straßenkötarblond Buch - Teil 3 (von Frtiz Strube)

Pikes, the ‎– Something's Going On LP (lim. black / Time For Action Records / Dirty Faces)

Pogues, the & Dubliners, the ‎– The Irish Rover 12" (black, Stiff Records / Buy it 258)

Pogues, the ‎– Hell's Ditch LP (Pouge Mahone Records 9031-72554-1)

Outsiders, the - Don`t Tread On Me 7"EP (lim. 300, blue / Haunted Town Records)

Spent Idols, the - I Don`t Give A Fuck! b/w The Living Dead 7"EP (Incognito Records)