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Dropkick Murphys - Live On A Five 5"EP (Headache Records)

Golden Boys, the - Mädchen & Jungs 7"EP (Testpressung / Rock Star Records)

Gain, the - You Should Know 7"EP (Dead Bear Records)

Dawn Patrol - same 12" EP (Dionsaur Discs)

Trink Zehn - Terror Depression LP (Self Released)

Die Leeren Versprechungen - Tanz der Adepten LP (Rebel Records)

Charge - Caged & Staged live in Germany LP (Trikont)

Posers, the - Kill The Ravers! 7"EP (black, Blind Beggar Records)

Pressure Point / Randumbs, the - Cow Town Boot Boys 7"EP (Flat Records)

Public Toys - Drei Akkorde für Fortune 7"EP (Teenage Rebel Records)

Lustfinger - Alles im Griff LP (Rotz + Wasser)

Daddy Memphis & die Oiberts - Aufgebläht LP+7"EP (lim. 365, white / Ziegenkopf Records)

Automatica Aggregazine - same 7"EP (Destroi! Records / Conehead Records / City of the Dead / Trapped in Society)

All Systems Stop / Big Bad Bollocks 7"EP (Flat Records)

Almighty Lumberjacks Of Death - Always Out Of Control But Never Out Of Beer 7"EP (red / Force Majeure Records)

Pinkerton Thugs, the - Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Shit 7"EP (Police Records)

Products, the - ...Just Having A Laugh 7"EP (DSS Records)

Square The Circle - One Of These Days 7"EP

Skintonic Fanzine Ausgabe 10 Gratis (lim.50 / Nachdruck)

Weekend Bowlers - In Over Our Heads 7"EP (black, Cyclone Records)