Offenders, the - X LP + Downloadcode

The Failed - Social Sickness CD

Contra Las Cuerdas - Resurgente CD

Street Deed Fanzine - Ausgabe 3 (A4, Englisch)

Slapshot - Back On The Map LP (lim. 1000, red)

Night Nurse - First Aid 7"EP

V/A Bruised Knuckles vs. Savage Amusement - The Best Punk & Oi! in Town CD

Freaks Union / Wat Tyler - Waste of Space? / The Vicar And I Split-7"EP (lim, black with white Label / 1998)

Geoffrey Oi!cott - I was monty`s double 7"EP

Plakkaggio HC - Fronte Del Sacco LP (lim. 300, red)

Strike Anywhere - In Defiance Of Empty Times LP (lim. white)

Hatepinks, the - Parasites Like Me LP (lim. 500, clear / Unity Squad Records)

Police Shit / Einhornkrieger - Save the Punk Split-LP (colored Vinyl)

V/A - Spirit of Soul LP

Briefs, the - Platinum Rats LP

V/A - Club Soul- The Scene Club, Ham Yard, London 1963-66 LP

COR - Leitkultur LP

Rude Pride - s/t 7"EP (lim. 250, half`n half orange/white)

Rude Pride - s/t 7"EP (lim. 250, solid blue)

Chelseas Choice Magazine Ausgabe 6 + 7"Flexi