Discharge - Early Years 1977-78-79 CD

On File - Pogo in my heart 7"EP (black)

Templars, the / Odio Simple - Living On The Outside / Todo Por El Oi! Split - 7"EP (black)

Takers n Users - Glory Days 7"EP (black)

Evil Conduct / Gimp Fist - Split 7"EP (black)

Strike, the - Same 7"EP (black)

Springtoifel - PisstOifel – Cider in Guantànamo Bay 7"EP (black)

Nancy Sinatra - Start Walkin 1965-1976 DoLP (gold)

Two Tone Club - Don't look back LP

Antipati / Last Rough Cause - Split-10"LP (black)

Evil Conduct - Live at Wild at Heart LP+CD

Rancid - honor is all we know LP+CD (Repress, Gatefolder)

Out of Order - Life Sentence LP (black)

Gewohnheitstrinker - Vierundsiebzigtausend LP oder CD

Argy Bargy - The Likes of Us LP (black)

Argy Bargy - Songs From The Streets LP (black)

Generation X - Fridays Angels 7"EP (Chrysalis UK 1997, red)

Buzzcocks - Are Everything / Why She's A Girl From The Chainstore 7"EP (1.Press, BP 365 United Artist Records, UK 1980)

Betrayed - Forever England CD (lim. 300)

Noi!se (Noise) - Price We Pay 7"EP (lim. orange)