Redd Kross - Redd Kross 12"EP

Reject the Limit - alway true EP


Rejects - s/t LP

Rejects of Society - Against Time LP


Rejects of Society Paket

-Against Time- LP & -Hometown- CD

Revilers / Bulldozer - Always Making Friends Split-EP

Revolting Rival / Break it Down - Split 7"EP

Riots - It Will Never Change LP (black)


Rise After Defeat

-Maieutica- EP

Ritam Nereda - Nikog Nema LP

Roadside Bombs - Rise Up LP (red, lim. 500, US-Import)

Rogue Trooper - Boots On The Ground EP + Demo 2015 LP (lim. 150, black)

Rogue Trooper - Class Decline LP (sliver, lim. 350)

ROS - Same LP

-Ex-Rejects of Society-

ROS (Rejects of Society) - RIGHT ON SCHEDULE 7"EP (lim.200 DIY)

Rough Cuts - NOBODY'S FOOL 12"LP (lim.150, black)

Royal Oi! - Theres Gonna Be A Row LP (black)

Rubber Gun - Grease up! LP

Rude Pride - s/t 7"EP (lim. 250, half`n half orange/white)

Rude Pride - s/t 7"EP (lim. 250, solid blue)