"war is in the streets"
Fürstenwalder Hardcore-Hoffnung mit einem unverwechselbaren Gesang. Wo man noch das große United lebt.


-HC 1240- CD
Nach so vielen Jahren nun ein neues Lebenszeichen der Füwa-HC-Guys! "HC 1240" macht da weiter wo "War is in the streets" aufgehört hat! Old School HC mit sozialkritischen Texten und dem Herz am richtigen Fleck! Songs wie "full of scum", "youth of hate", "kids of today", "fight back", "don`t close your eyes" sagen ganz klar wo es lang geht. Gastsänger sind Nico von MxVxD, Paule & Jan von Dirtsheath. Das ganze wieder absolut 100% DIY! 

Agnostic Front - Cause for Alarm CD

"Out for blood!" des NYHC-Klassikers von 1986. AF haben ihrem Hardcore-Sound auf "Cause for alarm" eine satte Crossover/Speedcore/Trash-Breitseite verpasst, das Album präsentiert sich als ungebremstes 10-Song Mosh-Powerhouse der Marke Mastino on Speed. Double Bass-Gewitter, metallische Nackenbrecher-Riffs und konstant durchgetretenes Gaspedal. Mit dabei die brachialen Killer-Hymnen "Public Assistance", "Toxic Shock", "Your mistake" etc. An den Drums saß damals Carnivore-Drummer Lou, bei den Texten halfen Carnivore-Frontmann Pete Steel und S.O.D./M.O.D.-Billy Milano aus. Kommt im Original Sean Taggart-Artwork in limitierter Auflage. Strength 2014)

"Out for blood!" NYHC masterpiece from 1986, AF top their Hardcore Sound with Speedcore/Crossover influences: 10 ragin` up tempo Power Tracks with metallic Trash riffs, double bass blasts etc. Incl. alltime neck breaker anthems like "Public Assistance", "Toxic Shock", "Your mistake" etc. Heavy stuff! Feat. Lou (carnivore) on drums.
Boss Tuneage


Limited Edition COLOURED Vinyl LP with CD included.
Angelic Upstarts formed in 1977 in South Shields, North-East England.

A working class punk band with strong anti-fascist views and beliefs influenced by bands such as The Clash and The Sex Pistols, The Angelic Upstarts are a meeting of working class ideology and musical aspiration.

Mensi was always liable to provoke reaction, his lyrics making much of his working class roots, and lashing out at police and politicians.

The original line up consisted of Mensi (vocals), Mond (guitar), Steve Forsten (bass) and Decca Wade (drums).

The Angelic Upstarts launched their punk crusade with the independently released single The Murder of Liddle Towers and Police Oppression AA side single in 1978.

The single was then picked up by Small Wonder Records who released it nationally. Its attack on police brutality earned them an early patron in Sham 69s Jimmy Pursey, who chased a similar constituency of disaffected working-class fans.

The band then signed to Warner Brothers, Pursey producing the L.P. Teenage Warning (1979).

The bands wholehearted delivery coupled with their denunciation of racism - a particularly admirable stance at a time when other skinhead bands, were flirting with right wing elements - made the album a classic.

With the UK hit singles, Im An Upstart and Teenage Warning(both 1979), they focused on the plight of the working class.

The band went on to release a number of successful albums and minor hit singles before splitting initially in 1983.

Fast forward to 2015 and the current Angelic Upstarts line up is Mensi - Vocals, Mr Gaz - Bass, Neil (Newts) Newton - Guitar and Jonnie Halling - Drums.

"BULLINGDON BASTARDS" is the new album - their first full length in 13 years - featuring 12 cracking new songs which shows the band are as relevant today as they ever were!

Ashthesun - Eventhorizon Diggi-CD (lim.333)

Fette Mischung aus Final Prayer, Anticops, Zero Mentality & Just Went Black! Übrigens das optimale Line Up für einen richtig geilen Hardcore Abend!