V/A - Indecision Records Split Series DoLP (1.Press / silver Vinyl)

Indesision Records
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A1 –Voorhees The World Wanted You Dead
A2 –Voorhees Illegal Wiretap
A3 –Voorhees FBI Warning
A4 –Voorhees Can't Take It Away
A5 –Kill Your Idols Grey Skies Ahead
A6 –Kill Your Idols Nameless
A7 –Kill Your Idols Dead Meat
A8 –Kill Your Idols Nailbomb
A9 –Kill Your Idols The Shortest Dream I Ever Had
A10 –Bane (2) You Wrote This Song For Me
A11 –Bane (2) Broke Wide Open
A12 –Bane (2) Eye For An Eye
B1 –Adamantium This Blade Keeps Cutting
B2 –Adamantium Next In Line
B3 –Death By Stereo Hippie Holocaust
B4 –Death By Stereo From The Minds Of Sick People
B5 –Death By Stereo Emo Holocaust
B6 –Ensign Never Go Home Again
B7 –Ensign Basic, Simple, True
C1 –Buried Alive (2) Another Day Closer To Death
C2 –Buried Alive (2) Our Time Is At Hand
C3 –Reach The Sky Let Us Be Damned
C4 –Reach The Sky Stars Lead The Way
C5 –No Reply S.U.V.F.U.
C6 –No Reply We'll Kill You All
C7 –No Reply You Don't Know Shit
C8 –No Reply More Desperate, More Violent
D1 –Lifes Halt Fin Del Mundo
D2 –Lifes Halt Race For 97
D3 –Lifes Halt America
D4 –Lifes Halt To The Streets
D5 –Botch Liquored Up And Laid
D6 –Botch The Leaver's Take On Genesis
D7 –Nineironspitfire The Kid
D8 –Nineironspitfire #2
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