Lads, the - Counterculture 12"LP (lim.300, black)

Contra Records
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THE LADS: Gegenkultur aus Freiburg, "Real Punk" aus dem Süden. Roh und authentisch. Erinnert von der Produktion an diverse Schleimkeim-Demos. Gut so!

Oi! Ain't Dead in Germany. Not just a phrase for THE LADS. Authentic, rough, streetwise. Hailing from the southern part of Germany, THE LADS try to bring back a sometimes lost feeling of the 80s or 90s Oi! and Punk Bands: wild, dangerous, rough and authentic, streetwise and without the goal to be everybodys friend. Fred Perry, Boots & Braces, simple melodies, raspy voice - no clean guitars, no overdubs, no safety net: THE LADS are here ""to make Skinhead great again". 11 tracks somewhere between Hammer Records 1995 and bands like THE VOICE from Berlin.