Sniper 66 - Annihilator GF-LP (US-Import, lim. black)

Evacuate Records
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Das neue Album der Punkrocker aus Texas. Bis jetzt auf LP nur in Amerika erschienen. Wir haben extra für Euch ein paar Exemplare importiert.


Newest LP from Texas's very own SNIPER 66! 15 tracks of in your face punk rock. Comes with a full color gate fold sleeve, digital download code, and three different variations of vinyl coloring.

2.Fight Together
3.When It's Gone
4.Make It Mine
5.It Died Today
6.Not Perfect
7.Grind Me Down
8.Servant Girl
10.Never Turning Back
11.The Engineer
13.Greedy Bastards
14.Why'd You Have To Die
15.In His Grave

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