Sniper 66 - Annihilator - Tape

Tape Or Die
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This is the new and already third album of our Texan family - SNIPER 66! 15 tracks full of raging Streetpunk! This time, every member has his time on the mic so expect some new sounds! 
The album will be released on vinyl in the US by Evacuate Records, in Europe on tape by us! 
For the first time, the cover is a 4c cover, printed by our beloved April, the drummer of the band! So it looks sick!

Ltd. 100!

1. Annihilator 
2. Fight Together 
3. When It's Gone 
4. Make It Mine 
5. It Died Today 
6. Not Perfect 
7. Grind Me Down 
8. Servant Girl 
9. Psycho 
10. Never Turning Back 
11. The Engineer 
12. Epidemic 
13. Greedy Bastards 
14. Why'd You Have To Die 
15. In His Grave

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