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A1ManiaShoulder To Shoulder
A2KillroyRed Alert
A3Do RadyTak Se Pridey
A4AvengersWe Are The One
A5La Polla RecordsLa Justicia
A6One Way SystemJust Another Hero
A7Left For DeadHoly War
B1A-HeadsDying Man
B2Anti EstablishmentNo Trust
B3Toxic EphexFallout Shelter
B4Immoral DisciplineBad Man
B5ViolatorsLive Fast - Die Young
B6Mau MausPromises
B7Abrasive WheelsThe Army Song
B8Battalion Of SaintsFighting Boys

Mit dabei: Mania, Do Rady, Killroy, Avengers, La Polla Records, One Way System, Left for Dead, XTract, Aheads, Anti Establishment, Txic Ephex, Immoral Discipline, Violators, Mau Maus, Abrasive Wheels, Battalions of Saints
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