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M-XVI is oi!-streetpunk band from Saint Petersburg, Russia. The band was established in 2007 to represent local antiracist skinhead scene and break the stereotypes about the subculture. Sound was inspired by such bands like the Oppressed, Analogs, Non Servium, Guttersnipe, Prowlers, Warzone. The name M-16 firstly was an acronym encrypted as “militant antifascist”, lately turned into roman numbers written as M-XVI to avoid allusion with a rifle and many other collectives with the same name. Lyrics are mostly about social problems, basic human values and ethics and skinhead lifestyle: working class roots, being against mass-culture, causing troubles but still having a good time. Album “Traditions” is mostly retrospective, it includes track from different periods of band existence from 2007 until these days. M-XVI shared stage with many oi!, punk-rock and hardcore bands, such bands as 210, Analogs, Lion’s Law, Rixe, Mister X, Rude Riot, Slapshot, Toro Bravo, Bystreet, Brigadier, Dice, Ray, Next Round, Shaved Heads, Nevsky Stompers, Klowns, Keine Engel, Leviathan, Nevsky Stompers, Apache, Monkey Wrench, Your Mistake, Volxsturm, Our Time, The Zapoy and many others. Guys mostly prefer local shows in Saint Petersburg, but annually visit Moscow or other towns. At the moment M-XVI one of the oldest still playing groups in post-soviet anti-racist skinhead scene, spreading the message and inspiring young blood.