V/A - A Worldwide Tribute To Nabat LP (verschiedene Farben)

Zombie Rock
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10-Song Tribute Sampler für Italy’s own Oi! Champs, zum bunten NABAT Cover-Reigen sind diverse Combos aus der großen weiten Welt angetreten, wie zB. NAGÖN aus Ungarn, FACCAO OPPOSTA aus Portugal, ULTRA RAZZIA aus Kanada, DENIM aus Österreich etc. Limitierte Pressung auf rotem Vinyl.

Timebomb Records is proud to announce the release of "ZOMBIE ROCK" , a worldwide tribute to Nabat, the Italian Oi! legends that has been a great inspiration to a lot of kids from all around the world!
10 covers masterfully performed by 10 bands (such as Ultra Razzia, IENA, Faccao Opposta, Denim, Brutal Savage, Nagön, etc.)
The Pre-Order will be shipping  mid-May 21!