Big D and the Kids Table - Do your Art 2xLPs (lim. blue)

Side One Dummy Records
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Double LP in a gatefold jacket. Cyan Blue Vinyl, limited edition of 1000 copies. DO YOUR ART isn't just an album title for Big D and the Kids Table's ninth studio album of original material.

DO YOUR ART is an inherently political mission statement delivered with gusto and enthusiasm to anyone creative to remind them to keep going, even if the odds are increasingly stacked against them in this hyper-capitalistic society.

"I wanted to instill in young artists_or old artists, or whoever_to keep doing it," says frontman David McWane.

"Life might pull you away with its demands: but don't give up. Every musician, artist and dancer needs to realize that there's magic inside of them that other people just don't have, no matter the circumstances of their upbringing." DO YOUR ART, finds Big D and the Kids Table sounding as fresh and inspired as ever for their fifth album with SideOneDummy Records.

Produced and engineered by Reel Big Fish's Matt Appleton, DO YOUR ART is a musical melting pot, highlighting the band's versatile talents and delivering a mixture of punk, ska and dub-reggae songs, as well as paying homage to McWane's favorite `60s B-films.

The 20-track album is truly a moveable feast. And what's moving are your feet! DO YOUR ART is a reminder to make the most of life_even when at its lowest points_and also to not be dissuaded from creating what you want to create.

It's an album that will make you think and feel, but also make you dance and laugh. It's a surge of positivity in a crappy world where it's all too easy to feel equally crappy, and a much-needed jolt of perspective about everything that's going on.

"I definitely want this record to be helpful for people mentally," says McWane. "It's somewhere for them to go to and laugh.

So listeners can focus on recognizing all the good things in their lives_all the beauty, and all the people who love them_and make sure to enjoy their life and DO YOUR ART!"