Antisocial - Battle Scarred Skinheads - 12"LP

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Brand new cover art as well as an extensive history of this great Oi! band written by the band themselves. 500 copies, 3 colours available, contains LP inner bag with pictures and sleeve notes. The whole thing is packaged in a reusable plastic outer bag to help keep the cover in tip top condition for all you collectors out there:))

Pressing info....200 red vinyl, 200 red/white splatter, 100 black.


1. Too many People

2. let`s Have Some Fun

3. Backstreet Boy`s

4. Your Choice

5. New Punks

6. Screw U

7. Battle Scarred Skinheads

8. Official Hooligan


1. Sewer Rat

2. Bollocks

3. Can`t Even Dream

4. Anti War

5. new Punks (demo)

6. Union Jack

7. Live and Let Live
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