V/A - What Suff LP

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Zusammenstellung der frühen, zum Teil unveröffentlichten Songs des Garagen Punk Labels Iloki Records. Mit wegweisenden Bands wie z.B Germs, Dils etc. Platte und Cover in sehr gutem Zustand!


Germs - Forming

Germs - Sexboy (live)

Dils, The - I Hate The Rich

Dils, The - You're Not Blank

Germs - Forming

Germs - Round N' Round

Eyes, The - Don't Talk To Me

Eyes, The - Kill Your Parents

Skulls, The  - Victims

Skulls, The - On Target

Controllers - Neutron Bomb

Controllers - Killer Queers

Dils, The - What Goes On (live)

Kaos - Iron Dream

Kaos - Top Secret

Kaos - Alcoholiday

Pandoras, The - I Didn't Cry

Untold Fables, The - Happy Motoring

Untold Fables, The - Nobody Spoils My Fun
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