Various - 30 Years Of Oi! ...Never Surrender... (3xLP, Comp / gold Vinyl - lim.100)

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A1 –Argy Bargy 30 Years
A2 –The Traditionals Violence In The City
A3 –Marching Orders Nation Of Ghosts
A4 –The Last Resort My Retribution
A5 –Stomper 98 Zu Jung Um Alt Zu Sein
A6 –The Misogynes Paris
A7 –East End Badoes We Won't Change For You
B1 –Control (14) Punkrock Ruined My Life
B2 –Bombardiers Enfants De La Crise
B3 –Bovver Boys Love On The Terraces
B4 –The Gonads Punk Rock Til I Die
B5 –Sab Grey Skinhead Girl
B6 –Booze & Glory Always Left Behind
B7 –Foreign Legion (3) Wake Up
C1 –The Ruckers Friend Or Foe
C2 –Cockney Rejects Unforgiven
C3 –On The Job Constable Henry
C4 –Darkbuster Skinhead
C5 –Mouthguard Tuzemsky Rum
C6 –Noi!se This Is Who We Are
C7 –The Veros Bootboy Train
D1 –Cock Sparrer England Belongs To Me
D2 –Hammer And The Nails Legislation, Not Rehabilitation
D3 –Volxsturm Für Immer Und Die Ewigkeit
D4 –The Agitators Cyber Warrior
D5 –The Masons Violence In The Streets
D6 –Geoffry Oi! Cott Picture Of Lillee
D7 –Perkele Forever
E1 –Resistance 77 True Punk & Oi
E2 –Iron Cross Pride And Freedom
E3 –The Business Terrace Lost It's Soul
E4 –Patriot (2) Songs For The Youth
E5 –The Blades (2) The Blood & The Glory
E6 –Nabat Nichilistaggio
F1 –The Old Firm Casuals A Gang Like Us
F2 –Evil Conduct Home Sweet Home
F3 –Runnin Riot Lost Generation
F4 –Maninblack This Is Oi!
F5 –Tommy And The Terrors No Mas
F6 –Oi! Oi! Alstars The Spirit Of England
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