Oxymoron - Westworld 12 LP (lim.200 / black)

Rebellion Records
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Full of savage punk tunes, “Westworld” followed OXYMORON’s sophomore album “The Pack Is Back” up with six more, blistering streetpunk anthems for the legion of the nineties youth! The Oxy’s produced hit after hit and “Westworld”, reckoned by some as their best work ever, is no exception! Radio stations, send the warning – red alert, because “Westworld” will finally be available again on vinyl through Rebellion Records!

200 black
200 olive
100x cokebottle clear
15x testpressing

Side A
01. Westworld
02. I’m Genuine (Trendy Wankers)
03. Life’s A Bitch

Side B
01. Legion ‘82
02. Run From Reality
03. Petrol Bomb
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