Drowns, the - The Sound 7"EP (lim. 500, beer)

Pirates Press Records
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This stand-out foursome has been turning heads constantly and consistently, and this 7” will no doubt do the same thing. Housed in a printed polybag that lines up with the picture sleeve inside, this record is very much a piece of art, adding an impressive new dimension to the two incredible punk rock anthems carved onto this special platter.

The Drowns have quickly emerged as one of the most exciting new punk bands out there. Their debut full-length “View From The Bottom” (Gunner Records) was released in late 2018, and continues to receive high acclaim across the world.

They are committed to touring relentlessly, seeing it as the only sure-fire way to get their incredible music out to the people. This year will see their honed-in powerful live show endlessly weaving across both the US, Europe and the UK; playing countless headline gigs, support stints, festival appearances and more.Make sure to go see them whenever they hit your town, and in the meantime, grab one of these gems so you can sing along to both of these incredible songs when you do!