Liberty & Justice - Pressure LP (2nd.Press, black)

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While taking traditional cues from the likes of The Templars and 4Skins,

L&J aren’t content to make by-the-numbers Oi.

Instead giving nods to the channeled HC ferocity of Sheer Terror , the sing-along sincerity of The

Trouble, the hard-scrabble outsider rock sensibilities of The Bruisers and

fight-ready mentality of Houston originalists Tread. Blending it all

seamlessly into something authentically their own, L&J unapologetically

force their own voice through to the fore and out on to the streets.

Not content to sit on their hands during 2020’s loss of stage time and road

miles, L&J committed their efforts to the studio.

Distilling the frustrations and rage of the year’s climate into a counter attack of two

EPs and putting the finishing touches on the new “Pressure” full-length.

Oi ain’t dead! Street Rock ain’t dead!

And L&J are delivering that message from TX with a boot”


A1 Halfway Home

A2 Mad World

A3 You're Dumb

A4 Second Ward Serenade

A5 Sin For Sin

A6 Immigrant Rock And Roll

A7 Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked Tonight

B1 Six Two

B2 Dave Wells

B3 Hang With Me

B4 Sons And Daughters

B5 Our Town Our Team

B6 Animal House

B7 No More Obitz

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